Hispanic Church Told You Can’t Worship Here


Our legal team took action yesterday against the city of Duncanville, TX for barring a Hispanic Church from taking possession of the building they had purchased.  Pastor Ramorez’s Templo Bautista Nuevo Jerusalen purchased a building on Main Street and complied with a multitude of requirements in order to receive a Special Utilities Permit. The City Council then denied the church occupancy of its building.  We reminded the City of Duncanville that one person’s hostility towards churches, for whatever discriminatory reason, cannot take away the constitutional right of a church to gather and worship.

Read the Dallas Morning News story and stay tuned as this case unfolds.

2 Responses to Hispanic Church Told You Can’t Worship Here

  1. D. L. Hill Powell says:

    Hooray for Free Mkt. Thank you for defending the church.

    Re: stemcells, there are ways to achieve the good results that doesn’t reduce babies lives to a “product for sale.” Adult stemcells is the way to go. The potential for “fat” cells to be used is exciting. What is our national epidemic?…”fat”….don’t know of many people who wouldn’t desire to donate a definitive supply for science if it can potentially save another’s life…do you?

  2. Sarah Crawford, FMF staff says:


    You’re right about stem cell research. I’m not a scientist – but I do know that scientists made incredible discoveries last November on how to create stem cells from human skin that act like embryonic stem cells, but don’t involve creating/destroying embryos. Thank goodness that the scientific community felt pressured to find a way to ethically create and use stem cells!

    This only reinforces for me how important sticking to our morals is. If we had caved to embryonic stem cell research in the name of “curing diseases,” (which it hadn’t done, anyway!) we may have never advanced science to this point.

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