City of Duncanville Allows Church to Move Into Its Building!


We are currently celebrating with Pastor Ramos and the members of Templo Bautista Nueva Jerusalen over a City Council vote last night in Duncanville.  The City Council previously denied Templo Bautista their utilities permit because one woman opposed the church in her neighborhood.  After applying legal and media pressure, the City Council voted unanimously to change its vote! 

Ana Candido, church administrator, states:

I truly believe that God places people in our lives with a specific purpose, and I know that God placed Free Market in our path to lead us to this victory.  Last month I walked out of the City Council meeting devastated and defeated. I was ready to put the building for sale and felt there was nothing we could do, but the minute I called Free Market, Hiram immediately uplifted my spirit, with his knowledge, and experience he assured me that this was an easy battle, and that we would have our building. I trust God, and know that God has given us the victory.  I am extremely grateful for the to the Free Market staff.  Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and support, there is no way we could have achieved this victory without you!!!!!

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