Free Market Sues City of Plano for Preventing Pastor from using Council Chambers on National Day of Prayer

“No government may discriminate against religious expression and favor one religious group over another because the government disagrees with an exclusive Judeo-Christian message,” said Hiram Sasser, Director of Litigation for Liberty Legal Institute, the law firm representing Pastor Frady.

Pastor Frady of Willowcreek Fellowship every year wakes up early to be the first in line to reserve the Council Chambers for a National Day of Prayer event that Dallas area pastors hold each May.  City rules say a citizen can request to reserve the room 90 days out from the event, and since Pastor Frady was the only one to submit a request—you would think his would be honored. 

Sadly, the City of Plano decided that it does not like a Judeo-Christian event being held in its facilities each year, and so it decided to bypass the 90 day protocol and just endorse its own 2008 National Day of Prayer event, organized by the Multi-Cultural Outreach Committee of Plano.  What happened to religious freedom and tolerance?  The same City that months ago decided to overturn bricks with crosses on them into the dirt, has now schemed to discriminate against a Christian event.  Let’s see if this debacle gets cleaned up as quickly as the bricks! 

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