‘John Edwards ’08’ T-Shirts-Censoring Students for Political Opinions?


That’s the reality that Paul “Pete” Palmer has faced from his Waxahachie high school administrators since they suspended him from class for wearing the simple ‘John Edwards ‘08’ t-shirt you see in this photo. Does it look dangerous to you?  Any offensive speech?  Disturbance of the peace?  In fact, the school district itself told him the language isn’t offensive, it just isn’t approved.  Waxahachie school district onlyallows students to wear approved messages like “We love Waxahachie band” or “Go Longhorns.” 

Everyone should appreciate Texas’ schools desire to create a safe learning environment for students, and some have found uniforms even necessary to accomplish this goal.  But even uniform policies across Texas have caveats for political and religious speech that is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  This is essential to every students’ free speech.  What’s the danger of censorship?  If codes like that of Waxahachie school district’s code were allowed, then students couldn’t wear t-shirts saying “I love Jesus,” or “Support our troops.”  Free Market’s legal division is representing Palmer in his lawsuit against the school district for this very reason—blatant censorship allows officials to stifle any speech they don’t like and that includes the good with the bad and the ugly. 

CHECK OUT Fox4’s story on Pete Palmer. 

One Response to ‘John Edwards ’08’ T-Shirts-Censoring Students for Political Opinions?

  1. Tony Iovino says:

    Forget the First Amendment issues–how stupid is this? We have young people who are turned off and tuned out to politics, who are too busy playing X-box to worry about the ballot box, and “educators” are trying to stifle an interested kid?


    It simply makes no sense. We should be encouraging participation, thought, the free exchange of ideas– the District should be less worried about keeping decorum in its hallways and more worried about firing the synapses in the heads of kids whose brains have been worn dull by countless of hours of reality TV and Internet porn.

    This is particularly outrageous since the T-shirt wasn’t obscene.

    I mean, it was a shirt supporting Edwards, not Hillary!

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