Feminist Professor Defends Polygamy in USA Today

Contributed by Caitlin Van Wagoner

In a recent article published in USA Today, Skidmore College’s Mary Zeiss Stange claims the raid on the polygamist compound in Eldorado to be unjust and unnecessary, yet backs her claim with inflammatory examples that give new meaning to the phrase “its all relative”.  As Christians, one standard which we must fight for is that some things are absolutely NOT relative.  Should we allow the sad statistic that teenage girls are becoming more sexually active at an earlier age to serve as justification for underage marriage?  Should we look to examples within Islamic cultures in which  polygamy is accepted for how we, as Americans and Christians, should judge what happened within the walls of the Yearning for Zion compound in Eldorado?  Should the fight for the right to gay marriage be seen as a precursor to the legalization of polygamy?  The answer should be a resounding and deafening “NO!” from the Christian community.  While the government does not have the right to determine the validity of any given religion, there should be no question about the state’s authority to intervene when any kind of sexual abuse is suspected.  It is when we begin to accept the idea that there is no such thing as right and wrong that justice and moral standards take a back seat to relativism.  It is the protection of these standards for which we must fight daily.  CLICK HERE to read Stange’s full article in USA Today.

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