ADULT STEM CELLS—the future of science.

We wouldn’t have such a personal connection to the benefits of adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood without our involvement with the Davis family.  How miraculous that one little boy who faced the pain of sickle cell anemia would be saved by his own brother’s umbilical cord adult stem cells?  Joseph and Isaac are a living testimony to the good that public education about this medical achievement can offer thousands, if not millions, of families and individuals who face life-threatening or debilitating diseases.   Free Market had the privilege of helping the Davis family share their story with a House Appropriations Subcommittee and a number of other professionals.  After organizing a very successful press conference, their story was broadcast to the mainstream public on a number of Austin television stations and continues today to make an impact.  WATCH the Channel 8 clip.


Unless there are a lot of dollar signs in mind, it is absolutely mind-boggling why corporations, scientists and a handful of bandwagon Hollywood stars continue to advocate for unethical, unproven embryonic stem cell research when so much proven good is coming from adult stem cells.  Just take a look at the Davis family for example-or any number of the other patients who testified at yesterday’s interim committee hearing on adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood collection. 
Cord blood is saving lives…
Pictures Include Jonathan Saenz, Davis Family, and Betty Brown – Appropriations Subcomittee 

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