Same Sex Marriage: The Domino Effect

New York Governor David A. Patersons’ directive for state agencies to acknowledge same-sex marriages performed in other states bodes the beginning of the ‘domino effect’ that many critics forewarned.  Will the buck stop here in just a few liberal states like California, Massachusetts and New York, or are even the 27 states that passed constitutional amendments redefining marriage in peril?

New York’s tyrannical move proves that states who have legislatively overcome the threat of same-sex marriage recognition can still tumble to one powerful executive catering to the ominous gay lobby.  The California Supreme Court’s activist move last week allowing same-sex marriage, despite the opposition of the people expressed in Proposition 22, shows that the judiciary likewise is not afraid to legislate.  With such blatant hubris by the judiciary and executive branches, what will become of the “people’s government?”

A number of conservative voices are advising for the future, not the quietest of which is Gary Bauer, who claims that the best defense against the domino effect is for family-oriented citizens to rally in conservative states and establish a strong legislative bulwark against same-sex marriage recognition.  More optimistic, perhaps, are those who still maintain that a federal marriage amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman is still a possibility on the horizon.  In the short-game, however, conservatives need not give up on the judiciary and executive.  In fact, California is prime for a rallying offense.  It would thwart a large amount of administrative mess if the California Supreme Court put a stay on its decision until a September referendum, but stay or not, more than 11 million signatures expresses huge hope that the people once again will vote loudly for traditional marriage-perhaps then a conservative executive with hubris will emerge.

One Response to Same Sex Marriage: The Domino Effect

  1. Ed Fowler says:

    When the California Supreme Court ruled, Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco, said, “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. It’s inevitable. This door’s wide open now. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.” The battle lines could hardly be drawn more clearly. If the Church is not moved at long last to a forceful response . . .

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