Victory: U.S. Supreme Court issues 5-4 ruling today upholding gun rights

The U.S. Supreme Court just released their ruling striking down the hand-gun ban in Washington D.C. This is a huge victory for 2nd Amendment rights! Washington’s 32-year-old gun law, probably the most strict in the country, barred most residents from owning handguns and required that all legal firearms be kept unloaded and either disassembled or under trigger lock. Six residents filed suit, saying they wanted to be able to keep handguns in their homes for self-defense.

Free Market’s legal division (Liberty Legal Institute) filed a brief on behalf on Suzanna Hupp, whose parents and a total of 20 people were killed in a tragic shooting in a Texas diner in 1991. Suzanna was unable to save her parents and the other victims because restrictive gun laws banned her from bringing her handgun inside the diner. Click here to read the brief.


“Every American has the right to defend his or her self,” says Free Market President Kelly Shackelford. “Our Founders believed that; now even anti-gun extremists must accept that truth.” Read more…


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