Palin: Pro-life, Pro-traditional Marriage; the Attacks Follow

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, recently tapped to be John McCain’s running-mate, has a long political record of being pro-life and pro-family, and she has especially been tested on those issues in her life.  Palin, a mother of five and devoted wife, is known most for opposing corruption, even in her own Party, and her success in passing ethics standards for politicians in her home state.  As a mother and a firm believer in the sanctity of life, she also made news when she made clear that her son, diagnosed with Down syndrome while in the womb, is nothing short of a blessing to her and her family.  Seen as tough and no-nonsense, shortly after she took office as governor of Alaska, she eliminated the position of the chef, because she preferred to cook for her family.  Because of these strong stances and her membership in a conservative evangelical church, she is getting much criticism.


What do you think about Sarah Palin?  Will she be a great running-mate for McCain, or are you concerned?  Sound off HERE!

8 Responses to Palin: Pro-life, Pro-traditional Marriage; the Attacks Follow

  1. Nancy says:

    I didnt know anything about Sarah Palin until we were all introduced to her during her speech last night at the RNC. WOW!! She kicked some serious Democratic butt & so did Rudy Guilioni! I was very impressed with her honesty & down-to-earth approach to family & the people of this country. I faithfully watched the DNC last week, & wanted to vomit at Michelle Obama’s fake speech. She tried to “relate” to the American people (after all, she does LOVE this great country!), but she didn’t come across (to me anyway) that she had the best interests of this country at heart. I believe Mrs. Palin would make a great VP, & possibly a future president. What she said was true, that John McCain in this election is the only man who fought for us & our country & he has scars to prove it. What a speech!!

  2. Connie Tuter says:

    What a choice! As a conservative Christian it is exciting to watch as God is raising up voices in the wilderness of politics. As a mayor of an even smaller town I have watched a God has brought down the “good old boy” network that governed this town for so long. We have seen a change in attitudes in the people of this town. This is the day and the hour and now we must continue to pray for the wisdom and protection of both Palin and McCain and their families.

  3. don howe says:

    This was an excellent choice. In fact she is a better choice than John McCain is. Conservative evangelicals need to get behind her and vote. We need to pray for John McCain and Sarah Palin as the liberal are going to try to smear them if they can.

  4. Jill King says:

    I think Sarah Palin is absolutely fantastic! Until I heard her speech and read about her life, I was not sure about a woman in the Oval Office. But she is amazing! And her life bears out what she spoke about. She’s real, appears to be able to handle to tough stuff of politics. We really do need to get behind our leaders and get others to vote!

  5. norma duncan says:

    I am very impressed by her record as governor and her stand on family and life issues. I think she will be a real asset to Senator McCAin

  6. kim horton says:

    She is great!! She is an energizing conservative who is an articulate and captivating speaker!
    I love her….she seems so ‘down home’! Can’t wait for my bumper sticker and yard sign!!! We will do our part in getting out the vote!
    Go McCain/Palin!!!

  7. Scott says:

    How can you be so excited about her?? She hasn’t SAID anything yet! Her “killer” speech was not WRITTEN by her. It was written by the Bush Speech writers. I’ll grant you it was a good speech, but all she did was parrot someone else’s words. It’s a bit premature to “love” her. Let’ wait until she starts speaking to reporters, answering questions and debating before we see what she’s made of, huh?

    And, also note that she’s fiercely anti-environment and pro big oil. I’m not sure I’d want someone in the White House that hunts wolves from a helicopter with a high powered rifle, and doesn’t want polar bears on the endangered species list so the can drill and make more pipelines across Alaska….but, that’s just me

  8. Rusty says:

    Motherhood is the ultimate profession.
    It is a sacred duty assigned to women by our Creator. To fail at it is to fail HIM.

    Where is the outrage by women and Christians particularly at a women who leaves a challenged child in the hands of others while she goes off to save the world?

    Why be pro-life if you are not pro-family?

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