What do you think? Religious Hiring Doesn’t Stop Government Funding

A memorandum just released by the Bush administration allows government-funded religious groups to restrict hiring to those who adhere to their beliefs.  The memo deals specifically with government funding of World Vision, a group that hires only Christians.  The government has agreed to fund a World Vision program that works to keep at-risk youth from joining gangs.  The memo says that the government is allowed to give taxpayer money to religious groups that hire only members of their own faith under the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which protects religious freedom.  Both John McCain and Barack Obama say they support faith-based organizations, yet they differ on this issue. Obama has said that government funding should not be allowed to groups that hire only those of their faith and McCain thinks religious groups should be allowed to hire in accordance with their faith. 

CLICK HERE to read the full memorandum.

3 Responses to What do you think? Religious Hiring Doesn’t Stop Government Funding

  1. Teresa Hamilton says:

    I believe that organizations should be able to hire only those that have the same beliefs. The only reason a person with different viewpoints would want to work with an organization would be to subvert from within. No organization would want that or afford to have someone on their payroll who isn’t willing or able to work toward the same goals as set up by the organization. For the government to tell an organization or business that they had to hire anyone who was qualified violates the constitutional rights of the owners.

  2. Darla Dyer says:

    Given that some schools require uniforms or have a set standard of dress code, as well as most places of employment, given that most restaurants now have a smoking ban, and we have laws and rules that govern all aspects of society, I just can’t figure out why a religious organization would be denied the right to hire only those of their own faith. Do we not as well have Boys Clubs, Girls Clubs, Women organizations, Women Conferences, Men of Faith organizations and all sorts of different things in our life that are determined to be exclusive to whatever sex you happen to be and very few ever complain about that except for a few unhappy militant individuals, but when it comes to a church or religious affiliation all rules seem to not apply. As you can guess, I definitely feel that any organization should be able to hire whomever they want to if that rule has been set out in their set of by-laws.

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