Free Market at Governor’s Press Conference for Pro-life Bill

Last Thursday, Free Market Foundation’s Kelly Shackelford and Jonathan Saenz were invited to meet with and to stand with Gov. Perry during his press conference on the “Choose Life” license plate bill, filed by Rep. Larry Phillips. FMF was also joined by Alison Morales, who has an incredible personal pro-life connection and will be working closely with FMF on this issue. The “Choose Life” license plates’ proceeds will be used to support adoption as a compassionate alternative to abortion. They have been approved by 22 other states, and 15 other states are currently working on such legislation. Following a meeting with Gov. Perry, Free Market Foundation will be involved every step of the legislative process at the Capitol on this pro-life legislation during the 2009 Texas Legislative Session.
Mark your calendars! February 24th is Pro-life Day at the Capitol, which will bring awareness to pro-life legislation in the 2009 Legislative Session!

(see below for Alison’s bio)


At the age of 18, Alison Morales decided to have an abortion.  It was a decision she would later regret.  Years later she faced a crisis pregnancy, but this time she knew she would make the loving decision to give birth to her child.  She also made the compassionate decision to place her child for an open adoption.  She currently is blessed to have a continuing relationship with the child’s adoptive parents and her biological child.  She now also has two children of her own. 

These experiences have had a dramatic impact on her life. For many years she has been working with pregnant women facing a crisis pregnancy to make them aware of the loving decision of adoption, as an alternative to abortion.  She also works extensively with prospective adoptive parents to help encourage them and prepare them for the adoption process.  She currently continues these efforts as a team member of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas and through volunteer work.

“This specialty license plate will help more women consider adoption as a loving alternative to abortion.”


FMF with Gov. Perry



6 Responses to Free Market at Governor’s Press Conference for Pro-life Bill

  1. Elaine says:

    I am so happy to see that there are alternatives to abortion being legislated in Texas. Abortion has been used as a form of birth control. Abortion is murder, plain and simple! There are 7 things that God hates and one of those things are the hands that sheds innocent blood. There is nothing more innocent than an unborn baby. I will buy one of these license plates when they are available.

  2. Jana Jennings says:

    When will this be decided? …and how do we get one of these license plates?

  3. […] Alison Morales, who we is working with us on this issue, is now testifying about how she had a crisis pregnancy, how she chose adoption, about how she now works with women in that same situation.  Click here to learn more about Alison’s story.… […]

  4. […] 12:54-Still waiting.  While you wait, read about Alison Morales, who we have partnered with and have spoken on behalf of on this issue.  Read Alison’s story… […]

  5. Rita Owens, M.Ed. says:

    I’m praying at this moment, that God will send His mighty forces for victory in the spiritual battle during this vote on the Senate floor.

  6. […] While you wait, read about Alison Morales, who we have partnered with and have spoken on behalf of on this issue.  Read Alison’s story… […]

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