Eye on ’09: Be Aware of What’s Coming Up!

As we enter a new year, we want everyone to be educated on the issues that will arise in 2009.  To do so, we are happy to introduce our “Eye on ‘09” segment that will inform you about important issues that will come up in the Presidency and Congress, such as pro-life, sanctity of marriage (as they relate to divorce reform and homosexual marriage), and limited government, among others.  We encourage you to read and pass these segments along to friends and family so they can also know the importance of these issues and how they relate to everyday life. 


Our first educational segment addresses hate crime legislation that is expected to be introduced and voted into law by Congress in 2009.  The law had enough support to be passed in 2008, but President Bush promised to veto this bill which would add sexual orientation to existing federal hate crimes legislation.  This legislation, if passed, would have drastic effects in the United States, and especially religious freedom.  Similar hate crimes and speech laws have been passed in other countries, and we have seen the results. 

  • Pastor Ake Green in Sweden was convicted and sentenced to one month in jail for preaching about homosexuality from his pulpit.  (CLICK HERE for his story.)
  • A Bishop in Canada was likewise criminally charged for speaking Biblically on the issue of homosexuality.  (CLICK HERE for his story.)
  • Even in the United States, Christians in Philadelphia were charged with up to 99 years in jail for hate crimes violations because they attempted to share the Gospel at the public homosexual event “Outfest.”  (CLICK HERE for their story.)

This will be a very crucial issue in 2009! 


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