Eye on ’09: The Ultrasound Bill & Important Pro-Life Events

For this week’s Eye on ’09 segment, we would like to share some information about the ultrasound bill that has been filed in the Texas House and Senate.  This bill, filed by Rep. Frank Corte in the House and Sen. Dan Patrick in the Senate, would require that all women considering abortion are given the opportunity to hear the baby’s heartbeat and are offered an ultrasound image of their growing baby.  By requiring that an ultrasound is performed for developing babies, doctors can care for any health concerns seen on the image and women can see and hear the processes of life in their child.  Similar laws have been passed in 12 other states, and studies have shown that of women who view such this image, 80 percent choose life over abortion.  Free Market Foundation strongly supports this life-affirming bill for women.


There are several pro-life events taking place over the next two weeks where FMF will be present.  On Saturday, January 17, Pro-life Dallas will host the March for Life (CLICK HERE for more).  The following Saturday, January 24, the Rally for Life will take place at the Capitol in Austin (CLICK HERE for more).  Keep your eye out for other events taking place in a city near you!

Pro-Life Lobby Day at the Texas Capitol is Feb. 24th!  Gov. Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott, and many other officials and citizens will be there to support pro-life legislation, including the ultrasound bill!  Call or email us or visit www.2heartbeats.org for more information or if you would like to attend!

One Response to Eye on ’09: The Ultrasound Bill & Important Pro-Life Events

  1. lilthatlilthis says:

    I am from Kansas. Anything such thing here???? I am ALL for it!! What a great idea! I hope it passes!

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