The Stimulus and Its Nationalization Issues

As you may have heard, the Senate passed its version of the stimulus package yesterday at a cost of $838 billion to taxpayers, not including more than $300 billion in interest.  Public support of the stimulus package has dropped dramatically as many Representatives and Senators have criticized the pork barrel spending and pet projects within the bill.  What you may not know is that the bill has more than just Congressmen’s pet projects, it also has a number of frightening programs designed to expand the government’s hold on everyday life.  Some hidden issues in the stimulus package include ending welfare reform, rationing healthcare, and granting jobs to illegal immigrants.  Ending the successful welfare reform program will cost taxpayers over $787 billion in new welfare costs over the next ten years, and rationing healthcare is part of Obama’s larger plan to institute a government controlled healthcare system.  The so-called stimulus bill has very little money directed toward actual stimulation of the economy, instead being a government spending bill aimed at growing the government.  The bill has been criticized nationwide as a drastic increase in government spending of taxpayer money which will be horrible for the economy and also dramatically increase government control over citizens’ lives.  Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana has been outspoken on the issue, questioning how $20-25 million for removing waste from undersea habitats and repairing ATV roads and $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts will build jobs and grow the economy.  Even the Congressional Budget Office (run by Democrats) has said the “stimulus” may deepen the economic crisis!  In fact, Newsweek’s lead article this week is titled “We Are All Socialists Now,” and attempts to garner public approval of the bill on that basis. (Click here to view the article.)

What do you think about the stimulus?

13 Responses to The Stimulus and Its Nationalization Issues

  1. Kelly says:

    These elected officials are out of control. We need to get our government back. That will depend on “We, the People” speaking up.

  2. Bill Sheets says:

    Has the government lost it’s mind!?!?!?! How can you spend your way into prosperity? The simple truth is, you can’t! If we are truly now a Socialist Nation, then the enemy is no longer Islamic terrorists but our own government. The stimulus package is nothing but a power grab by the liberal left. Is there nothing that can be done to stop these idots!?!?!?!?!

  3. David A Hill says:

    This stimulus package is the single largest move towards Socialism in our nations history and one of the worst ideas coming from the District of Confusion. With the “O” Administration promising complete transparency, I find it laughable that there are hidden aspects within the bill. Does it surprise me? Not in the least. In fact I actually expected it to happen.

    Now is the time for every American who believes in the nation our Founding Fathers envisioned to speak out in a loud and very clear voice that we will not accept this move towards Socialism.

    God Bless,
    David A Hill

  4. Wayne Mosley says:

    We need to throw all of these stupid politicians in jail. They are the main cause of this mess with their
    stupid entitlement regulations. What we also need to do is quit paying our taxes. Why should we reward these people with our hard earned dollars.

  5. Brian says:

    So much has already been stated about the shortfalls of this legislation, yet onward our Government madly plunges. It is time for the people of principle, for the people that respect and hold onto the values that set this country apart from the tyranny of the past, for the people that make this country work to find their voice and fight back. If they do not, then they will have to answer to their children that they witnessed their country being taken from them, and they did nothing.

  6. Chrystie Brown says:

    We have been dealt a huge blow by an economic storm and our own government is looting us as fast as they can.

  7. Pam Lott says:

    This is disgusting for our freedom and rights of the Big Government in our lives! They have doomed the middle class families in this country with this stimulus package! I’m sorry to see this great Country become socialistic and being led by economic idiots who to add insult to injury gave themselves a raise a couple of weeks ago and bailed out AIG their retirement company! I’m very disappointed in Senator Cornyn in his “no vote” stance…what is that all about?!?

  8. Rosalie Howerton says:


  9. Pam Lott says:

    This is disgusting for our freedom and rights of the Big Government in our lives! They have doomed the middle class families in this country with this stimulus package! I’m sorry to see this great Country become socialistic and to add insult to injury this Congress gave themselves a raise a couple of weeks ago and bailed out AIG their retirement company! I’m very disappointed in Senator Cornyn in his “no vote” stance…what is that all about?!?

  10. Laura Phipps says:

    I teach government and economics at a Christian school and we were studying today about government price controls, their consequences, and failures. In the book we use, Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, he offers two remedies (1) the public must educate themselves on simple, basic economic principles, or (2) the politicians must be willing to risk their careers to do the unpopular thing that may ruin their careers. I asked my students, “If these are the remedies, which one do you think is most likely to happen?” Their answer: “Neither. People do not want to understand basic economics (the public just thinks it is too hard) – they just buy into what the media says. Politicians (as a whole)will never risk their careers.”

    I am so fed up with the whole situation, so I think it is time for “We, the People” to rise up and demand our first amendment rights and redress our grievances.

  11. J. Jolene Atkins says:

    This so-called stimulus package is extremely frightening, and frustrating.
    Rationing on health care is most definitely not acceptable in America. Our medical people need to continue to be on the leading edge of medicine. Rationed health care is not acceptable. Socialized medicine is not acceptable. We do not want to become a third world country. We do not want socialism. This is totally un-American. Further, the attempt to rush the Stimulus through is just a stunt to try to get it passed. To me it is unthinkable that we are expected to back programs for huge dollar amounts without any serious figures and explanations up front. I do believe that in Mr. Obama’s campaign “transparency” was mentioned and bipartisanship. I don’t believe Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid received the message, as they have continued on their exclusion tactics the same as they have for the past two years. Has no one told them they are not God? Well! If they keep up the same work, perhaps Americans will know how to vote the next time around – if we can survive that long.

  12. Marsha says: says:

    I think it’s time for Christians to speak up and stop being silent. This package is ridiculous. Things did not get this way overnight and cannot possibly be resolved overnight. This package is supposed to help the economy, but it sounds like it is going to only move us into more of our hard-earned tax dollars being thrown away on things we disagree with and the liberal agenda.

  13. Lydia Gregory says:

    Obama promised that we would have at least five days to read over the “stimulus” bill, but like every other time the liberals have something to hide, he rushed it through the Senate and got it passed without giving anyone a chance to read it fully through.

    I beleive the Newsweek article is right… we have become a socialist nation. Thanks to the idiots that believed that when Obama was elected to office that he would “pay for their homes, food, and gas” and whatever else they believe that the government is supposed to do. What a wake call to find out that he doesn’t care any more about them than a cockroach.

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