Eye on ’09: Conscience Clauses

Last week, President Obama announced his intentions to pull out the conscience clauses put into effect by President Bush. Conscience clauses are rules that protect medical professionals’ rights to refrain from performing procedures that violate their conscience. The government should not be able to force religious hospitals or medical professionals to perform abortions or prescribe birth control or the morning-after pill in violation of their faith or conscience. These conscience clauses protect pro-life doctors and nurses from being fired or otherwise discriminated against for standing up for life. If the conscience clauses are revoked, you can be sure that medical professionals all over the nation will be discouraged from their practice, and may even quit or go to prison for refusing to perform immoral procedures! Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is an OB/GYN, and said Monday that he would go to prison before performing an abortion. Dr. Linda Flower, chair of the executive committee of Texas Physicians’ Resource Council (TPRC), was almost fired from her position for refusing to prescribe birth control to an unmarried patient because of her beliefs. CLICK HERE for more information about TPRC.

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