Eye on ’09: Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA)

Last week, we told you about the attempt to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) by Sen. Barney Frank (D-MA).  ENDA is a direct threat to religious freedom and traditional marriage nationwide.  ENDA prohibits both public and private employers from making employment decisions (hiring, firing, advancement, etc.) based on an employee’s actual or perceived sexual behavior, ambiguously defined as “sexual orientation.”  This completely redefines the concept of protected classes in American law, granting sexual orientation the same employment protections as race, placing sexual behavior on the same level as the immutable traits of sex and ancestry. In fact, many homosexual activist leaders have argued this law, putting race and sexual orientation on the same level, is a key step in overturning marriage laws nationwide. Some versions of ENDA even include special employment protections for transvestites and individuals who undergo sex-change operations.  While churches and church-sponsored schools appear to be exempted for now, religious businesses and religious employers with at least 15 employees are not. Religious conscience is not recognized. ENDA actually passed the U.S. House of Representatives last time, but did not make it through the Senate because of a threatened veto by President Bush.  

Click here to read more about ENDA.  Click here to see how your Representative voted on ENDA last session! Be educated and pass this along to others as we prepare to battle against passing this bad law.

4 Responses to Eye on ’09: Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA)

  1. Charles says:

    The message I get from the original Free Market Foundation post is that hiring discrimination against homosexuals is a good thing and that we Christians should do all we can to see that none of them ever have a job. Then, when they are out on the streets without food, clothing, shelter, or friends, they will finally recognize their sin and quit it. Is that the idea here?

    It seems to me that there is another issue here too, and that we Christians should pay close attention to it. In the New Testamment, Jesus makes it vehemently clear that he is opposed to divorce from marriage, but we Christians do not take that very seriously. In fact, if anything, we flaunt our disobedience and go through marriage partners as if they were cans of Pepsi. Divorced or divorcing people worry us silly at work for months on end with the long stories about how bad their husbands or wives were and how difficult the break up was—when we really do not want to hear all the wild and lurid details. They are bad examples to our children too because they demonstrate to them that a husband or wife can be thrown away as easily as an empty milk carton. Maybe we Christians should all band together and work very hard to ensure that divorced people are not allowed to work for a living. While they are out on the streets with no clothing, exceeding hunger, extreme thirst, and no friends, maybe they will recognize their sins and return to their spouses. Moreover, their intense suffering will be a signal to all would be married couples that marriage is a serious business, that it should not be eneterd into lightly, and that failure has serious consequences.

    What about it folks?

    • freemarketfoundationmedia says:


      We agree completely that Christians should do all they can to save marriages which is why we have been working hard each session on divorce reform to save as many marriages as possible.

      We disagree with your statement regarding ENDA and employment. Christian employers, whether a Christian school or a for-profit business like a Christian bookstore, should have the right to follow their faith and standards of morality. The government has no right to tell Christian employers what their moral beliefs on sexual conduct must be. To force religious employers to accept “transgenderism,” cross-dressing, and all sexual conduct is morally wrong and violate religious freedom.

  2. Charles says:

    Well, I can understand your perpsective, but one has to wonder where it stops or how to apply it. As the scriptures say, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If we use one person’s sin as the excuse to keep them from being hired at a job, it seems to me that it would only be fair to exclude all other sinful people from getting a job because of their immorality as well.

    I guess my point is that all of us, even us Christians, are still standing together inside the circle of sin. The Bible makes that very clear in numerous verses. The homosexual is just another sinner standing there with us inside that same circle. If we want to deny him a job because of his sin, it seems only fair that all the rest of us should also be denied jobs because of our sins.

    As a corollary, I guess that I might ask this question. If we accept that a Christian bookstore should be allowed to refuse employment to a homosexual strictly on moral grounds, would it be okay then for a nonchristian to hire a homosexual as an employee, or should we as a society, be working to ensure that no homosexual ever has a job with any business of any type, anywhere, at any time? Would we be in favor of that?

    • freemarketfoundationmedia says:

      As Christians, we have the responsibility to reach out to others, including homosexuals. We are not saying that homosexuals should be cut off from society through unemployment, but that we should not pass laws to protect and elevate their sin, and Christian organizations should not be forced to violate their own consciences by employing people with whom they are diametrically opposed morally. There is a big difference between someone who sins, as we all do, and someone who insists their sinful acts are good and plans to continue. Your argument that, because all sin we can have no moral standards, would be a horrible approach to apply. Moral standards are important, even though people are imperfect.

      Christians can disagree with the homosexual lifestyle and should take a stand for Biblical values, but we must never forget that GOD is love, and Christians should demonstrate their love as GOD leads. If GOD leads one to hire a homosexual, that is their calling. If an unbeliever hires a homosexual, they are free to do so. The government should have no say in the matter. As long as the government seeks to protect homosexuals at the expense of Christian organizations, we will stand in opposition.

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