Contacting Your Representative

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you are trying to influence a legislator or legislation:       


  • Be specific and know your facts
  • Be honest, direct, positive, and brief
  • Attend hearings on specific bills and register and/or testify in support for or against the bills
  • Show your legislator how legislation you support will help the district
  • Check the progress of the bills that interest you as often as possible
  • Treat your legislator as a friend and an intelligent citizen
  • Invite legislators to a local program in your area
  • Write a thank-you letter after a visit or supportive action taken by your legislator
  • Write letters to the editor or opinion articles for your local newspaper 


  • Be argumentative or abrasive
  • Press for an answer from your legislator on the first in-person visit
  • Interrupt them when they are obviously busy or in a hurry

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